And that’s how my Love Story started… – 11 Jan 15


At about the time of Holi 2007, a very important thing happened which started the best chapter of my life. I received an email.

When I had been touring in Germany and Europe the last time, I had really had lots of work. Wherever I came, there were long bookings for the whole week that I spent there. The workshops were booked out and the individual sessions were, too, so that I sometimes really worked until late in the evenings. My organizers in many places told me that they had been contacted by so many people that it was difficult to keep track.

That’s how I started looking, already in 2006, for someone who could help me, as well as my organizers. I told my friends that they should spread the idea, ask their own friends and help me find someone who would be willing to help, to answer emails, to write some things for our website and also to translate from English to German. The plans for my Europe trip in summer 2007 were already full on – I would be in Spain, Luxembourg, Latvia, maybe Italy and of course in Germany. After the whole tour, which would be about three to four months long, I would invite our helper to come to the Ashram with us and stay for some time as well!

After having told this to many people, I got several replies as well. But I knew immediately when I got a certain one, that this would be the one to help us: a young woman introduced herself as the daughter of a friend of a friend. She wrote ‘I got to know you are looking for someone’, gave an introduction of herself, her qualifications and also sent along a picture.

Unfortunately I don’t have that email anymore but I do remember that I especially liked the last line: ‘I am confident that I am the right person for this job!’

And she was.

You may have already guessed who was the sender of the mail: my future wife and future mother of my daughter, Ramona.

Love, My Life

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