The first Meal at Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant – 21 Feb 16


Today I would like to tell you about a day of the past week. On that day there was a very special event for us and a number of people around us: we had the first test meal, a trial party at our restaurant!

Yes, Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant is just about to be ready for opening! So far already that we have taken the step and organized a test cooking! The cooks, helpers and waiters whom we are planning to hire for running the restaurant were all there and got to work in our kitchen for the first time!

It was a test evening to check their skills, to see our kitchen as well as our restaurant with its bamboo furniture and beautiful crockery in action! A test necessary to find which items are still missing in the kitchen and whether there are any other areas that we haven’t paid attention to and which we need to take care of.

In the end, however, we had a beautiful evening with wonderful atmosphere and truly delicious food. The Ashram guests as well as some close friends had the pleasure to test with us, sitting on the new benches and under our bamboo ceilings.

Now before we open our restaurant for the public, we need to take our experience of that evening, purchase whatever is missing and get the remaining points into order. The menu is in the process of being printed, the staff is pretty much decided upon and the bamboo workers have finished their work from inside the ground floor restaurant.

Of course we will now still give our new cooks some training on how to prepare food in our style, with the concern of Ayurveda and also healthier than how they are cooking right now.

That’s how I cannot give you an exact date for opening yet but of course, it is getting very close. And standing in our restaurant, looking at the happy faces of friends and family and then turning my gaze towards the picture of my mother on the wall, I have to say, I am not only excited that we will open our restaurant soon. I am excited that we will have this space where people can meet, nourish their bodies well and have a beautiful time! I am excited to offer people something they have never experienced before.

Click here to see more photos of trial party

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