Watching a Blowjob on the Plane – 6 Apr 14


I told you last week that during my travels out of India, I was always open to talk to others and get to know people from other countries. When I went from India to Germany in spring 2006, I had an encounter which was quite interesting and which I would like to tell you about.

Yashendu and I had booked our flights separately and I was thus once more alone for this trip. We would meet in Germany. Purnendu dropped me off at the airport and I entered.

While sitting at gate and waiting for the flight, I was watching the passengers around me. It was the normal crowd of people: Indian families with small children, teenagers with their electronic devices, Indian businessmen with laptops and then of course western tourists, recognizable with their fresh tan, yoga pants, dreadlocks, T-shirts with the ‘Om’-sign and sandalwood or tulsi malas around their head. It was such a woman that approached the empty seat next to me.

She asked me whether it was free and sat down when I nodded. The regular small-talk followed: I was going to Germany for work, she was on the same flight and just returning from a holiday in India, I gave yoga workshops, she liked yoga and meditation, she was from near Cologne and I gave a teacher training there. It was a young woman, wearing comfortable yoga pants and she was obviously open for new contacts, spiritually interested and nice to talk to her. It was a nice conversation that filled our waiting time. I gave her my flyer and when it was time for boarding, we got up and said goodbye to each other.

I found my seat and sat down, far back in the plane, in the last row. The aisle seat, as always. Only after take-off I noticed that the young woman was sitting in the same row. Across the aisle, there was another Indian man and she was already intensely in talk with him. I thought about waving to her and making her notice that I was there but then did not want to disturb their conversation which seemed to be quite interesting for both. Soon the lights went off and everyone around us went to sleep. The flight was anyway nearly empty, so it was very quiet. I relaxed.

After a while, I saw that the young woman had stretched out on the two seats that were empty next to her, a blanket fully covering her thin figure. I looked a bit closer and noticed, to my surprise, that her head was lying on the Indian man’s lap. Not much later I was convinced that I saw her moving in his lap. Up and down in a typical movement. He had his eyes closed and was obviously enjoying.

I was amazed, fascinated by what was going on in this public place, the plane, and just right next to me! The young lady with whom I had been talking just a few hours ago was giving this man, a stranger to her, a blowjob! In the plane!

While I had, on my travels, been witness to sexual encounters in many funny places, this was a first! In so many flights in my life I had never seen such a thing until then and also never after. I had never thought that this could be possible but then I thought: Why not? She was obviously not forced to anything but doing this from her own wish. She was enjoying. And he was, too. It was not disturbing anybody around them – even I, probably the only one who had noticed what was going on, could actually not say that I had seen anything!

After a while, the movement stopped. It was over. I am sure I am not the only one to remember this flight!