Ashram Life at the Start of a Season – Friends coming and going! – 6 Sep 15


In this year, we have actually had visitors the whole year through, even in summer during the hottest time of the year. Now the weather is starting to get better with the humidity reducing and the temperatures slowly going down as well. With this, the season is starting and in the next weeks and months we will have the Ashram full again. It is beginning already – welcoming new and old friends for their stay here and of course saying goodbye again when they leave.

Tomorrow morning we will say goodbye to Susan, a lady from Great Britain who has been with us for a few days for yoga classes, Ayurvedic massages and sightseeing in Vrindavan. She thoroughly enjoyed her time here and expressed how the Ayurvedic oil treatments had relieved her back pain. Additionally, she now has the firm plans to start a daily yoga practice of her own after having learned basic postures, many of which help her strengthen her back muscles. We are happy that she had such a great experience with us and are looking forward to having her back here again.

Another goodbye was just this evening and in this case we exactly know that the return will already be soon: Yashendu’s girlfriend Eva was here and left just now after again a wonderful time with us. It is beautiful to have this extension of our family – and not only Yashendu, we all cannot wait to have her back here again!

I am sure that these two are not the only ones who will come back – and we love it when a new friend becomes an old one with time and returns, just like the one we welcomed here yesterday! Our friend Scott has returned to the Ashram! He was here the first time four years ago, when Ramona was pregnant with Apra and has visited us in between as well. Now he is here and we can catch up on what has happened in the meantime in his life and in our life!

With him came two friends, lovely people as well, who are getting to know us now and whom we are getting to know as well. They are also travelers and we would not be surprised if they returned to Vrindavan to meet us again one day!

This is a wonderful beginning of this season and we are looking forward to many more such encounters in the next months! This is the beauty of what we are doing – we meet a whole lot of beautiful people, we get to make new friends, exchange our experiences and feelings and give them an insider’s view of India as well.

Maybe you will come by soon as well? We would definitely love it!