Busy in Preparations for a lot of Events! – 8 Nov 15


I know I have mentioned several times that we are very busy at the moment – and that has just increased another level yesterday! A beautiful group of ten lovely people from Germany has arrived to enjoy one to two weeks of program at our Ashram! We’ve got our hands full – and love it!

We have been up to our necks in our usual work and of course additionally in the preparations for this group. It consists of several men and women, two of whom have been at our Ashram already twice. They have become friends and we knew we would have a wonderful time together with them and the people they brought along.

After their arrival yesterday, they were welcomed with an evening fire show by our French friend Melanie who is here with us and will stay for a long time. Today in the morning, they enjoyed a yoga class and are right now out in the market, getting their first impressions of Vrindavan!

In the next days, they will have an Ayurvedic Cooking Class, sightseeing tours in Vrindavan, Mathura and Agra and of course they will join the celebrations of Diwali, which is now only three days away!

The group and our Diwali celebrations are not the only events we were preparing for though! Directly after Diwali, on 13th November, Apra, Ramona and I will start from the Ashram and drive to the airport in Delhi, our suitcase with us, on the way to Germany!

It has been nearly one and a half years now and we cannot wait to get back and have Apra once more experience the country of her mother, meet our lovely friends and family and have more fun than ever before! In summer, we were too busy with the progress of our restaurant to go but we didn’t want to miss a complete year. That’s how two months ago, we checked our calendar and realized we only had these three weeks now, in between groups, which we could spend in Germany!

We especially took out a day’s time to be able to go shopping in Delhi so that we would have some warm clothes for the cold weather in Germany. We will show Apra snow for the first time in her life, we will go to see Christmas markets, drink hot chocolate and eat strawberry ice cream.

I will keep you posted about our adventures – can’t wait!