Lying, Excuses and Delays – Dishonesty is not a professional Attitude – 19 Apr 15

In my Sunday’s posts, I said I would tell you about my personal life and what is going on at the Ashram, with what my days are occupied when I am not at the computer or playing with Apra. For many weeks already, it has obviously been our Ayurvedic restaurant ‘Ammaji’s’, which we are planning to open soon. Interior design and furnishing is going on but these days I feel I am just more and more resenting the way many people behave professionally here, causing delays and just never sticking to their words!

People are just not honest! They say ‘I will come tomorrow’ while they already know that they are lying, that they cannot, in any way! They are shamelessly lying into your face – and don’t even care about the fact that you know it, too!

I give you our biggest example for this: our bamboo contractor. After many delays, the first truck of bamboo has arrived at our place with some workers as well. Now, the second load is supposed to come so that they can keep on working. Their contractor, whose responsibility it is to bring the material here, has not shown up yet – although he was supposed to be a week ago!

The thing that makes me wonder most is the attitude that these people have! First of all, he is never sure and says things like ‘I will come on 12th, latest on 13th’ but then, after fixing one day with him, he doesn’t show up on either date! He will postpone, giving us two further dates when he might come.

Obviously, there is always an excuse as well: once he claimed to be ill himself, another time it was his wife, once the truck for the bamboo broke down and needs to be fixed and another time there was an exhibition that he absolutely had to be present at – and which obviously appeared out of the blue as he couldn’t plan that before! He even told once he would be here by one in the afternoon, then sent a text message at two o’clock that he was on the way but then never turned up! Another time he wrote they were on the way, so I called our interior designer – but they came hours later when she was already gone again…

You know, if this kind of thing happens once, it is absolutely no problem but when it happens each and every time, every single time when he says he will come, you know that it is only excuses, lies, nothing real! And then you know already that this person is not even sorry about delaying everything.

It is a problem with the attitude and the fact that people with such an attitude don’t care about honesty and the value of their words!

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