Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant is open – Enjoy Food like from your mother’s Hands! – 6 Mar 16

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Yesterday was a very important day for us: after two years of building, decorating and preparing, we finally opened Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant!

Of course it was a big day for us, even though we didn’t make any big celebration or event out of it. We are now serving food in the ground floor of the restaurant – and we will give a big party once the first floor is ready and we serve food there! You are however already now more than welcome to come and try our food at Ammaji’s!

Obviously, we were excited! The decision to open was also taken quickly: we had already had our test party in February, eating food in the restaurant for the first time. I told you about that day in another blog post. After that we arranged all those things which we had noticed were missing, employed the staff of that evening and some more, practiced with everyone in the kitchen and showed them how to cook the way food should be prepared and most of all how it should taste in Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant! And there we were, on Friday, with some more things that had to be done but so many ready that we said we would simply take the step and do it: let’s open!

So now you, my readers, our friends at the Ashram, friends in the city of Vrindavan and its surrounding as well as anyone who just comes by or gets to know about us somehow can come to our restaurant and eat there!

We offer North Indian dishes and specialties, South Indian options, a few Chinese items, Italian and continental food like pizza and pasta as well as of course German bakery items and some of our super-tasty home-made ice cream!

In our menu you get to know which items are good for which dosha and you can read about the doshas as well, learning which food would be good for your body constitution. We offer a balanced thali, a selection of Indian dishes on one plate as well. At the same time all our food is cooked in less fat, with moderate spices and in a healthier way than usual in restaurants while keeping all the taste as well!

So we are true to the concept of our name: Ammaji’s. Food like from your mother’s hands. Food like my mother cooked it as well. Food that tastes like the best food you ever eat at home!

Come and try it out – we are looking forward to serving you at Ammaji’s Ayurvedic Restaurant!

You can see more pictures and news on Ammaji’s facebook page and I would like to ask everyone who has already made their experience to please write their review on TripAdvisor – we are looking forward to read it!

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