Progress of our Ayurvedic Restaurant – 22 Feb 15


As it is Sunday, I would like to tell you a little bit more personally of my life and what is going on. Actually, at the moment, life is once again in full swing, a lot is happening and I am actually very, very busy every day. And loving it! So much is happening – it feels great!

Of course, there are the daily things like emails, this blog and of course our retreats and guests at the Ashram. Purnendu is currently on tour as a guide for two guests. They are travelling through Rajasthan, have been to Jaipur and Pushkar, are exploring Jodhpur today and will go on tomorrow to Phalodi, Jaisalmer for a camel ride and a night in the desert and then return via Bikaner to Delhi. He will be back for Holi time – which of course we are preparing for as well!

And then, there is our big project: our Ayurvedic restaurant Ammaji's. I told you about it some months ago and just according to the Indian way, things got delayed. There is nothing you can actually do about it – the architect takes longer than planned, no building work ever finishes on time and people often just promise to do something in ten days which they then need twenty or thirty for!

Now however, the civil work is done and we are in the process of furnishing, interior design and everything around it. We have lots of decisions to take, many different people to inform, consult and buy from and everything needs to be supervised by us as well! It is a lot to do – but lots of fun as well!

As we have so many things to buy for the kitchen and at the same time many German friends who will come in the next two months ask us what they should bring along, we even asked more friends and acquaintances in Germany to check their kitchens for any kitchen appliances and other things that they have double and don’t need anymore. They can let us know what they would have and then we give them the address of friends who could bring it along. We believe it would be a pity to throw things away that still work fine – and people can thus contribute to our restaurant in this way, too, and be a part of our project!

We still believe that we might open the restaurant next month – but as we are in India, we cannot say it for sure!

I will definitely let you know once the big day is coming close!

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