Why do many Women turn lesbian after Experiences with Men? – 11 May 14

I told you last week about the workshop for homosexuals that I gave in 2006. The lady who had organized the workshop was lesbian. She told me that she had been married before but had, after her divorce, only had female partners. She was not the only woman who had told me such a story. Comparatively however, there were only very few gay men who told their experience in this way. Today I would like to consider the female side of this – how come women feel more attracted to women even after having relationships with men while I only hear this from men very rarely?

As I mentioned before, I had met quite a big number of homosexuals until that point. I had given thousands of individual sessions and I believe many homosexual people are open towards spiritual matters, maybe due to the way how they are already ‘different’ in their thinking compared to the mainstream. So from the many individual sessions, there were many with gays and lesbians. And from these lesbians, many told me that they had previously been in relationships with men.

I have in this way met many women, especially in their forties, who sometimes even had adult children. In Germany, in Ireland, in Australia and other countries. Some of them were bi-sexual and they told me it didn’t matter to them whether they hit it off with a man or a woman. If it was for one night or a long-term relationship, it could be a man or a woman for them.

Is it just the logical thing to do for women, when they turn a certain age and would just like to have love and affection but cannot find it with the opposite gender to turn to their own gender? Do they know that after bad experiences with men, women can understand better what they have been through and can feel with them better than any man? Or is there a higher tendency to homosexuality in women?

I believe – and I have read the result of scientific studies proving it – that homosexuality is based in the genes. I am not a scientist and cannot give you details but the conclusion of that research was that it is not someone’s choice to find women more attractive than men or the other way around. So how come it seems so much easier for women to enjoy both?

I believe there might be a reason in the general way how women feel and react and the way how society is working. Women feel a certain pressure from their surroundings to marry, settle down and have children. And women simply tend to succumb to this pressure, to suppress their own feelings and do what they are expected of.

Of course it is also not that a woman wakes up one day in her puberty and realizes ‘I am lesbian’. Maybe she feels attracted to her girlfriends but doesn’t realize that this is okay and normal. Maybe she doesn’t realize that she is less excited for her husband than other women are. Once they are free from the pressure of society however, they truly break free. And then they find their real sexual orientation.

These were my thoughts about lesbian women in 2006, seeing how many actually had years of sexual experiences with men in the past. Next week I will tell you my point of view regarding gay men and their way to find their sexual orientation.

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