When Ashram Guests get involved in Ashram Life – 20 Dec 15


As usual, we have been pretty busy at the Ashram, also with some new guests coming after the group had left, which I told you about last Sunday. As we live together with our guests in our home, we get to know our guests over time and I quite enjoy meeting and getting to know different people. What I have noticed again and again over time is that although we are all different, we all have the possibility to take one decision: to enjoy. And what we do for that can be different for each of us!

At the moment for example, we have a man from Germany here at the Ashram who enjoys playing with the children very much. He has become friends with the Ashram kids and especially Pranshu and Guddu love playing with him. He picks them up, turns with them, puts them head upside down or runs after them. He even wakes them up in the morning to help them learn for school!

He has so much fun with them and with the school children as well! When they come in the morning – as usual about an hour before school starts – they call him to come out and play with them. After playing, he gets right onto the yoga mat with them, joining the school yoga.

Another guest arrived here from the UK for our Ayurveda and Yoga Weight Loss Retreat, fully determined to get into a routine that would help him live lighter and keep up the discipline as well. He started with his daily walks around town together with Purnendu, two hours of yoga every day and Ayurvedic massages every second day. He enjoyed the massages after his walk so much that he even booked additional ones so that he can get a massage and a treatment every day. He really does keep up with the program in full discipline and enjoys light Ayurvedic food along with it.

In the next days, more people will arrive here and I am looking forward to see what they will enjoy here. We have had people just retreating, relaxing, taking their time for themselves and not going out at all. We have had others who went to the markets every day, exploring the town, taking pictures, really diving into experiencing India. There are many more with different interests – and it is beautiful to see this diversity!

In the end, it is up to you what you would like to do but the important thing is that you enjoy it!