My past Lives retold – the King, the Pharaoh and the Medicine Man – 3 Feb 13


I told you that I got to know more about the esoteric scene and western guruism on my travels in 2005. It was in the same year that I got upset about people’s fascination with past lives which was and is still quite popular there.

In that time, I myself still believed in reincarnation. It was a belief I had grown up with. It was part of the religion that I had been preaching as a guru my whole life long. Leaving my role as a guru did not mean that I left all the things I believed in – and thus I still believed that people would be reborn after their death. In India, it is very normal that people believe this but they don’t make it very important. They don’t usually think or fantasize about their previous lives, accepting that there may have been several lives but also accepting that they won’t know exactly what happened in that incarnation.

When this philosophy came to the west however and was spread in the esoteric scene, there were lots of ‘clairvoyants’ who happily embraced this idea. They anyway claimed that they could see the past and the future, so why not add that to their list of offers, too? Discover your past life! Heal your past life! Get answers to today’s problems by looking at your previous incarnations! In India, I have not met anybody who does this business but I have met too many people in the west. When I first got in closer touch with a businesswoman using past lives to attract customers, though, it was not a very pleasant experience.

I was very busy at a place where a lot of people came to see me, to have individual sessions and to come to workshops. As usual, my organizer welcomed the people who came in, asked them to wait if I was still busy with someone else and obviously had small conversations with all of them. I soon got to know that she did not only talk with them and asked them about their problems but even gave them insights to what she thought was the reason for their problems: their past lives. She created fantasy stories and presented them as visions of their past lives.

Funnily enough, I appeared in nearly all of these stories, too. She created stories of how they had been in ancient Rome, where I was a rich and influential townsperson who helped them out of a miserable situation. She fantasized about pharaohs in Egypt and kings and queens in England, about druids and medicine men. It would have been hilarious to hear all of these stories how we all were allegedly in connection in past lives if she had not been dead serious about it. Obviously people started wondering whether I, too, believed in all of this.

More than that, this woman was obviously jealous of other organizers or friends with whom I was close. In her stories about them, it was not all about peace, love and harmony. On the contrary, for one of my organizers, the story was quite violent, with us all being Native Americans. She even went as far as to say that I had been killed in that incarnation by my organizer which is why she now needed to resolve this Karma by helping me. I could not believe my ears!

It was a similar case of jealousy when she told a story to one of my close friends, who had a small baby. Her baby girl was learning to crawl and looked funny in the effort – she moved one leg more than the other, so that one leg was always just pulled along. It is just natural, the way how children learn using their bodies properly. This ‘clairvoyant’ however said that this girl was handicapped in her past life! Which mother would like to hear this? It is cruel to say such a thing and obviously, she was pretty upset.

My relation to this organizer did not go for long and in the aftermath I heard a lot of stories that people had been told about their past lives and my past lives. A lot of imagination and fantasy goes into such stories – but unfortunately there are people who choose to believe such stories – and those who like to fool and scare others with them.

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