Western God of Rich People is Money – Spiritual Community rather poor – 22 Mar 09


Yesterday I was talking about my former connections to spiritual, rich people. I know that here in India very rich people are often spiritual so that they can show off. It makes a good reputation in India if someone says about you that you are a very spiritual person. They have the ego and want to show off with their money and they spend it by showing their spirituality or religiosity. But I have also met many rich people who are really spiritual from their heart and on their way. They have got this as a gift, it is natural for them to spend time and money for real spirituality. They are honestly involved in it.

I can say that India is the most God-conscious country, in which spirituality is just normal and natural. It is just normal and natural to be God-conscious. If I compare this to my experience of travelling and working in other countries, in the west, it is there as if a spiritual person belongs to a different class, a different category of people. It is very normal here but very special there.

I have also seen that in the west, in developed and rich countries, people who are interested in Yoga, energy work or spiritual work are poor or middle class. They do not really live in financial abundance. I see that the God of rich people in the west is money. They do not really have interest in spirituality. Most of the people who attend our program, workshops, seminars and healings do not belong to this ‘high society’ and rich people whereas it was very different when I was giving programs here in India.

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  1. Because India is so deeply ingrained in a history of Hinduism and spirituality, the wealthy and popular here show off their spirituality. It is like being a famous celebrity in America (actor, musician, model, athlete)… Rather than showing off your fashion sense, beauty, and talent, they show off their spirituality… whether it is genuine or not. What an interesting difference!

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