Preaching Business on Spiritual TV Channels – 4 Apr 10


In India there are spiritual TV channels which show lectures of spiritual leaders and preachers, some yoga program and talk shows about spiritual topics, philosophies and scriptures. Many of these channels and have approached me with the question if I would like to buy some time on their channel for giving a lecture or anything similar. They came with a time table in which they had their different prizes listed. The prime time was more expensive and according to how much time you booked, you could also have a discount. These are national and also international channels. When I was in the UK, I also saw that you could watch those channels there. You can see high-profile Swamis and Gurus who have been giving program on the channel for years. They have big names and have not only millions but billions of dollars.

I received the offer of the TV channels and they showed me the tariff card. I don’t remember it exactly now but I remember that it was pretty expensive. They also had examples of how much profit you would get from doing one show on their channel. I said to this person that I have 100 children, they are just there at the school, you can get to know them. If you have a donation for them and for their education, you are very welcome. But I will not give you my face to show on your channel and even give you money for it! When I said that they were very surprised and said ‘But everybody gives money for this!’ and I just told them that they should go to those people, with me they are wrong.

As I said already two days ago, I am not really interested to become very big and to have my face known all over the planet. I once met a former ‘colleague’, a guru, who had given some channels his recordings to publish and he earned much money from it even after paying a lot in the beginning. I just think about all the money in this business: first you invest, then the TV channels make money and in the end you make a lot of money but is this really what spirituality is about? It is all a money game, where is the love? How is the money spent in the end? It would be good if it could go to charity but unfortunately that is hardly ever the case. I would like to recommend all those big Gurus and also the TV channels to do something solid, some concrete work instead of confusing and making fools of those who sit and watch those programs.

In the end also those Swamis and Gurus who are shown on TV will die and then they cannot take all their money and fame with them. I am happy if I know that even after my death there will be children who can eat with the help of what I did in my life.

3 Replies to “Preaching Business on Spiritual TV Channels – 4 Apr 10”

  1. I agree with you Swami Ji…wondering why it has to be all about money, and not our lives, love of life, people?Seems like this is subj of centuries, conflicts never resolved…….

  2. A friend of mine is an avid Christian now, and he says he got avid while watching a spiritual TV show. So interesting, they really do affect people.