An Honest Opinion is not Always Appreciated – 24 Nov 09


Even though I never write my diary about one particular person and never write any name in the diary, some people get upset with what I am writing. It is particularly Swamis and gurus who don’t like that I am writing like this. I am writing about the general system but of course, many Swamis and gurus can feel that I am directly talking to or about them. And who will feel this? Obviously those who are doing what I am writing. Those, who are really on the path of love and on the way to God, won’t feel this because it is not for them.

I only said that there are Swamis and gurus who are interested in collecting gold and money. I don’t think that anybody will not agree with me if I say that there is a conflict between two things: on the one hand collecting money and gold and on the other hand teaching detachment from material.

I actually don’t only say this for Swamis and gurus, I like to direct my word to anybody who has the means to help and to share. That can be industrialists, it can be politicians, it can be celebrities and everybody who could give something to someone who needs it more urgently. Why do you collect this all, what will you do with it once you left from this earth? Give something of what you have and most importantly your love to those who need it.

It is okay if some people don’t feel good with my diary and statements, I will let them feel what they want but it will not prevent me from saying and expressing what I feel.

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  1. Great love to you, jolly friend Swami Ji … Here in the states we are celebrating this week “Thanksgiving” which is in practice what colonists originated to share what they had learned from the indigenous native first children of this continent … it is dichotomous for me, as we all clearly now know that the descendents of those colonists (we) … See Morehave largely not acted honorably with regard to those first children, or indeed, with many of our affairs both here and away, for a very long time … still, as a matter of personal reflection and gratitude it is a place and time set aside and cherished, mostly of childhood memories, when it was before we as adults learned of our folly and having come to realize that it will take a very big effort to turn things aright. Thankful I am for your love, and again I will say thanks to you for the love and work you do on behalf of us all.

  2. You also have the credibility to say what you say in your diaries because you have lived the life of a guru, firsthand! No one could argue with you or claim that you are lying… you have seen it with your own eyes. And yes, anyone who is offended has a reason to be taking it personally- because you are speaking about them!

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