Ambitions in Life – Your Needs and Your Happiness – 2 Apr 10


Today I talked with my friend Michael on phone. We have not seen each other for a long time now and I am looking forward to being with him and his family on our tour through Germany. We talked about the many changes that have taken place in his life and in my life.

This is how we came to talk about ambitions and what we want in life. I always tell people that you can create whatever you have a deep wish for in your heart. How much do you want in life? For every person this question has another answer, everybody has his own zone of comfort. For some people your mattress would be too hard, for others it would be too soft but for you it is just perfect. Some people need some more for feeling good, others need less.

I actually do not have the idea to grow a very big company or enormous organization with hundreds of employees making millions of Dollars. I also don’t have this aim of running a big school with thousands of children. I do not have these wishes because I know that the greed of owning can make you crazy. I don’t want to be a multimillionaire. I have seen people like that and I know that happiness surely doesn’t come from money. If you have an aim like that you easily lose your peace if it doesn’t work out. And even if you achieve it, you always live in pressure. I can see this in so many big organizations and many managers and directors come to me who are so stressed out, who cannot cope anymore with all that they have.

My aims in life are simpler. I want to be happy every day. I like to eat what I want and enjoy. I have the wish not to be hungry and that those who come in our home don’t leave hungry. We have enough to eat for ourselves and enough for those who are standing at our door, any child or poor person who comes with the hope to find something to fill the hungry stomach. The rest, everything that is extra, is nice if it is there but not necessary because you will leave it here anyway. You need to enjoy your life. Be happy.

We are very happy today as Ramona and I celebrated our anniversary with a great dinner in a pizzeria that we like here in Wiesbaden. Afterwards we went to have ice-cream and just enjoyed this beautiful day.

5 Replies to “Ambitions in Life – Your Needs and Your Happiness – 2 Apr 10”

  1. I see. My brother, who is a very wise man, was offered a very high-paying job as an architect and joined the peace corps instead. I didn’t understand why and was very angry with him for not taking this opportunity to have money and be provided for. I think I am starting to get an idea of why he made the choices he did.Congratulations to you and Ramona!

  2. I think it is very smart that you don’t want to expand your business and your school to the point of making millions. You live with balance and peace, which is so important!People might question the decision and say- well if you expanded the school, you’d be helping twice as many children.
    But this isn’t necessarily the way! By maintaining your business as it is, you can set an example for others to live a life of success, balance, simplicity, and peace… Now others will be inspired to have similar schools, helping more children. And you can keep your lifestyle the way you love it. 🙂

  3. It is lovely to hear you have joy from such simple pleasures in life. The little things are often forgotten but it really is those things that bring real happiness. For example, if you could not eat you would be unhappy whatever else you have.