Taking Money for Spiritual Healing is Okay! – 2 Jul 08


I got a mail from a very dear friend who works with energy in healing sessions. She and her family live from this. They felt bad about reading the last entries of my diary and even thought about giving up the work. First I would like to say that it is a full misunderstanding, it was not meant like this. Any energy worker who does healing work and lives from it should not feel bad or guilty about it.

My main concern was this: people should not sell the healing energy because it is invaluable and you cannot define any cost for this. If somebody lives from this, I feel that it is 100% right and fully okay. They give their effort and their healing and people should be thankful for their work. Of course the main concern should be, as I wrote, not to enrich oneself but to help others. Having this feeling and the sensitivity, the wish to help others, that is wonderful! I love this and feel that everybody should be thankful for their contribution to make the energy of the world more lovely and full of love.

The interpretation of energy work is much wider, it is not only healing. Actually in lectures and workshops energy is created and from this people enjoy a workshop and take benefit from it. So I also live from energy work. My situation is like this: I do not have biological children but I help others. I feel for them as if they were my children and the donations go to them. All children are the same, your own children or those in India. Energy workers, please do not misinterpret my words and think in a wrong way. I decided to help these children because I do not have own children. So in my different kinds of work I decided to use one part for them and one part for my family. If you see it clearly, actually both parts are energy work. Giving healing sessions is not the only way to do energy work.

What I wanted to say in the last day’s diary is that I do not appreciate it when people cheat others and take advantage of them in the name of spirituality. I gave the example of the woman who wanted to have 50 per cent of the donations for healing sessions. This I consider as wrong.

What is money? Money is also only energy. Gold is money, silver is like money, paper can be money and nowadays you have money on a plastic card. I know people who have lots of money and I think they are poor and I can feel very rich and like a king without having even one penny. Money does not make anyone rich or poor. It is your thinking and your energy. Somehow in this society people have this kind of idea that it is bad to connect money with spirituality. They think it has to be for free. But why should energy workers and spiritual workers not have the right to take money for their work?

Since a few days this topic is in the diary and I told how I decided to fix the price. People do not take your work serious and get confused if you don’t take money. They do not pay respect for your work. In the form of money they are actually paying respect. Just an example: When you go to the hairdresser you can pay 80 Euro to make your hair beautiful, coloured and shining. This is makeup for the body.  When they come to me for a healing session I also do makeup, but for their soul. So why can’t they give me 50 Euro? Why do they want to get it for free or think it is expensive? Should they get it for free only because it is spiritual and energy? If you go for any consultation you pay for it.

Of course, if someone doesn’t have money, it is no problem, I do not say no and I will be happy to help. But those who have it and can afford the hairdresser, too, they often want to get it for free because they do not have respect for my work.

I want to say to all my colleagues who work in the same field: Please do not hesitate to accept money for your work and I want to give the message to this society that this money is a form of respect. Please do not misinterpret my words or take one line out of the context. It is fully fine to accept money, I do, too. My family and children also live from this. See the wide idea of it. It is energy work.

I want to thank the woman who wrote me this mail because of this feedback I saw that my words could be misunderstood and I could write today’s clarification. Thank you

2 Replies to “Taking Money for Spiritual Healing is Okay! – 2 Jul 08”

  1. it is definitely okay to take money for the work you do, if you give all your time to helping people it is okay if they help you back. not everyone is qualified to heal, but everyone can give money… no training needed.(if they have it)

  2. The bible says “the workman is worthy of his hire.” This was said by a man named Paul who worked as a tent-maker to earn money for his ministry, but then when he became a full time traveler for God was paid by the churches he visited.