Selling Healing Energy on Fairs – 29 Jun 08


Yesterday I talked about the money that people give as a donation after a healing session. The main point is that this healing energy is not sellable although many people do exactly this: they are selling energy. But how can you measure this in Euro or Dollar?

Once, when I was in Australia, the person who had invited me took me to an esoteric fair which took place in the free hall of a club which also had a casino. It was a funny atmosphere and environment: music was playing, people were talking, there were different stands, some selling stones, some books and then there were stands in which you could find a massage table with a curtain around. In these stands I saw healers gave healing sessions: for half an hour healing they charged 30 Dollar, for one hour 60 Dollar. So you could decide how much healing you want: one hour or do you only need half an hour healing?

The organizers also wanted to give me a place like this and asked me how much I would charge per half an hour. I could not work there. First, I need silence. I am even disturbed when people talk loudly in the next room because I go into a trance when I give a healing session. I need to concentrate. That fair had the atmosphere of a supermarket, so much noise, so many people.

Moreover I do not sell healing energy in minutes. The healing sessions that I give are complete. They cover the whole body, all chakras are balanced and the time for this can vary. I normally say it takes approximately half an hour however sometimes it takes 20 minutes, sometimes 40 minutes. I cannot stop after 30 minutes because someone only paid for half an hour.

So I had to tell them that this was not my way of working. I cannot accept compromises with this attitude, with this energy and this work.

3 Replies to “Selling Healing Energy on Fairs – 29 Jun 08”

  1. I wonder how anyone who is truly aware of others and the power of healing can insist on money even in a circumstance when someone can not afford it. you are a wise man.

  2. I like that you offer complete healings, not based on time. I suppose you have a fixed price per complete healing, regardless of the amount of time. Maybe you could have worked there according to your own system… but oh well. Some people stress about time, and you definitely don’t need that!