Please read if the Aim of your Life is all about Money – 4 Oct 16


I yesterday wrote about parents who want to support their children financially, which is why they keep on earning and working and saving. There are others, however, who have already saved a lot of money, who don’t have children or whose children are already more than well established but who still work like crazy. Just for earning and saving more and more.

I have met quite a few rich people who have such a mindset. It seems as though money is the most important thing in their lives and nothing could keep them away from saving more. Now don’t get me wrong, of course it is wonderful for everyone who is able to earn and save a lot of money. There is a point however when there is not much of a difference anymore. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, you will not be able to spend it all in your lifetime!

This obsession with money is something I have seen all around the world. More and more and more to a point where it gets ridiculous!

I believe that this inequality would need to change. This wealth in the hands of people who cannot spend it in their lives no matter how much they try should somehow benefit those who are in need of support! Those who starve, who die because they couldn’t earn enough to even buy a piece of bread. Those who die because they cannot afford healthcare and are denied help that would save them.

If you have that much that you just earn more and more without even needing a single penny of it ever in your life, I would like to ask you to consider giving to charity. Help others with what you have! It will surely give you a much bigger satisfaction than counting the zeroes on your bank account!

Finally, just one more thing: it is never money that makes happy. I know, it is nice to feel secure. It is good to know you won’t starve. But money will not give you the happiness and love that friends and family can give you!

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