Spiritual Healing Sessions for Free? – 1 Jul 08


Yesterday I wrote about the money for the healing sessions. Sometimes people ask me why I take money for it at all. When I came to Europe for the first time in 2001 and for the next 2 years I had not fixed any price on the healing sessions. I was pretty busy and people gave whatever they wanted to give.

Yesterday I also wrote that I do not want to use the money from healing sessions for myself and I did not do it in that time, either. I earned my living with workshops and seminars and the healing money was for poor people in that time, too.

So on my journeys in the first years I gave healing sessions and near the door there was a pot in which people could put their donations. However I had a bad experience with this: One woman had a healing session and before she left, she put five Euro into the pot. The woman whose turn it was next had watched this, too. And after her healing session she did not put money into the pot but she took a twenty-Euro note out of her purse and gave it directly to me with the words: “I think this will be enough for you.” When she said this I felt very bad and felt like crying. I asked: “What are you saying? I am not a beggar! I do not keep this money for myself! Please keep it!” And I gave the money back to her. “You can come to India and see my Ashram. I do not have a money problem and I am not begging. You will see the children charity projects for which all this money is. You cannot pay me and you cannot buy healing energy!”

Everybody in that time could give whatever he wanted or could. In this way some people gave 200 Euro, others gave 5 Euro. I felt bad about this woman and talked about it with some friends who gave me advice. They explained me how here the value of something is often measured by the price that you pay for it. It is the setting of the mind to think that expensive things are very good. So if I do healing sessions for a free donation, people get confused. They wonder if it can be serious. However if you fix the price, it is clear and they also have an idea of how much they could give. And whoever comes and says that he or she cannot give the 50 Euro, it is fine and I will give a healing session with pleasure, too. I listened to my friends and fixed a price of 50 Euro. This really changed a lot. Still I am not selling healing energy.

We had a chakra dance party in the evening and now we are really tired. It was a long day and tomorrow there will be more healing session so I will go to bed soon.

4 Replies to “Spiritual Healing Sessions for Free? – 1 Jul 08”

  1. I mean, i definitely think you deserve to be paid for the work you do. “deserve” isn’t even the right word. It’s more like, you give a gift to someone (healing) and they give back by helping providing for you, which also provides for all your children. of course some people have nothing, but others should give what they have and in that way everyone helps everyone and many people will just get stronger.

  2. The thing about giving money is that with charity it is usually win-win. People feel good about giving money and the charity feels good about getting it so it can function in helping people. It is an excellent system when people give and also take from their hearts.

  3. I’m not sure how you would charge if not attached to a charity. Like if you did healing as an individual, I am curious though whether or not you could actually perform helpful healings while accepting money. I suppose like everything else in life it is a case-by-case thing, not a blanket rule about whether you can or not.

  4. It’s true– people think that if it’s expensive, it must be really amazing. But something like giving healing energy is actually priceless! But it’s good to also let people know that the money they give you for healing is continued to be given, in generosity, to children who need it. Perhaps people would donate even more!