The Dangers of Globalization – when everything good is exported! – 10 Jul 14


I yesterday told you that it was difficult – or rather impossible – for us to find good tomatoes on the Canary Islands as the best ones are usually exported to other countries. This is however not a problem only of these islands or of Spain! It is a global problem, a disadvantage and big danger that has come with globalization.

We know the exact same problem in India as well! India is the number one mango producer in the world. Nevertheless, there is always the complaint that we don’t get to see any of those great mangoes that are produced in our own country! They all are shipped away right from the tree to the markets of other countries.

The same holds true for rice! When travelling abroad, everyone knows of the quality of Indian rice and when you cook a good quality rice bought in the west, you get an unforgettable smell of this rice in your kitchen – but it is not so easy to find this rice in India!

India also produces lots of tea and coffee! Tea from Darjeeling and Assamis among the most famous of the world, but just yesterday someone commented on my diary entry, telling that the best tea is directly exported! And my commentator also wondered why everyone in India drinks instant coffee. Where is all the coffee we produce?

It is all about money. Western countries pay a higher price for the same products, so they get exported, even if that means that the own country is left with less. Less quality and quantity.The margin is higher – but it comes to a high cost and it ignores everything that you could call humanity or common sense!

Just look at the situation of water in Africa! Huge companies like Nestle have bought water sources that were formerly used by the local people, which provided water to whole villages! Now, this water is privatized, which means that the companies fill it in bottles and ship it abroad. Or sell it against good money in that same town that previously drank the water for free! Regardless of the fact that they don’t pay those people, the workers in their factory, enough to actually buy this water and still feed their families! They now have to walk far to a water pump, they have to carefully use it so that they have enough for the day.

Water. Rice. Fruit. Very common, everyday things! In an effect of globalization, everyone wants the best of everything at all times and right at his doorstep. Could we just take a minute of time and consider that this might be comfortable but at the same time has devastating effects on our earth? That people are starving and don’t have drinking water because human looks so much for convenience and comfort, for the highest margin and the biggest money!

You may think it is all about those huge companies, what can you do? You can!

Take a step back and consider where your food is coming from! Whenever you can, buy local vegetables, look out for labels of organic farming or production, prefer fair trade products, even if it costs a bit more. Take a check on yourself and your own consumption.

If we all do this, we can succeed in making this world a better place, individual after individual!

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