Do not Try to Convince Others of your Belief - 12 May 09

I do not try to convince anybody to believe what I believe. I simply tell how I feel and what my experience is. Then you can feel yourself. Whatever your belief system says will be right for you. And in this way I have said before that if someone comes to me and tells me that he doesn’t believe in God I do not try to convince him that God exists. I tell him to believe in what he feels because maybe someday he will experience something which makes him believe in God.

Not any belief is good or bad, no person is good or bad and no place is good or bad. If one place is not good for you, there will be somebody who likes the place. Maybe you don’t like a person but maybe that same person is just perfect for someone else. You cannot say anybody is good or bad, it is only your perception. And you don’t need to convince anybody of what you believe in because their belief is just right for them.

We had a very nice last day in Wiesbaden today and a wonderful evening with Thomas, Iris and our friend Pawan and his children. We also packed so that we have everything ready to start tomorrow to Lüneburg to Michael.

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  1. Daniel Brookshire

    When you find yourself wanting to convince someone to adopt your own belief ask yourself why. Do you not feel whole or happy in this moment? Are you looking for something that you feel you don’t have?

  2. Mirela

    Of course you can talk to your friends and family about your concepts and your own philosophy. But in the end, everyone should decide self-reliant what he wants to believe and which religion to choose. Or would you enjoy if someone tells you, that your thoughts are wrong and you have to change them? 😉

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