To-Do-Lists and their Psychological Effect – 2 Sep 09

New York
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Today after dinner we walked again to a nice ice-cream parlor that we had found a few days ago. We had good ice-cream and on the way back Jeremy’s mobile rang. It was not a phone call, it was a reminder that he had set and we got to talk about that.

Some people do their work in this way, they remember things that they want to do or they have an electronic tool to remind them. And others write ‘to-do-lists’. They start and write all the things down that they are planning to do and which they should have accomplished by the end of the day or the week. When one is done, they cross it off and when they then look at the list and they see what they could already cross off, they feel good. They have the feeling that they accomplished something.

The interesting thing is that they actually did the same tasks, maybe they did the same work and had the same result as another person, but they make their list, look at it and then feel good about it. It is just another perception of how to do things. I also say it doesn’t matter how you do things, the important thing is only that you feel good and are happy about what you are doing.

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4 Replies to “To-Do-Lists and their Psychological Effect – 2 Sep 09”

  1. I love to make to-do lists, it is like having a games where you can cross off activities. We start with to-do lists from the youngest age. When you are little if you do things on the list you get stickers and prizes, and when you are older… I guess you’re just trained to feel good when you cross something off. of course some times I make to-do lists instead of to-doing the things on my list… haha

  2. I have alarm clocks on my phone too, everything from lunch-time to birth control is set on my phone letting me know all day long. I have a lot to consider with my job and these are things I need to not have to think about.

  3. Making lists is my favorite. 😀 It helps me relax and clear my mind– otherwise my thoughts are swarming with all the different things I want to get done. If I write them down, my mind is free and clear to be present and aware. And it feels so good to cross things off when you’ve completed them! It helps me stay organized, present, and efficient. Yay!!