Be open but listen to your Gut Feeling – 28 Jan 09


Yesterday I wrote about judging and deciding before you really made an experience. I received an email in which someone told me that she knows these basic principles that I was talking about. She knows that she should try something before she says she doesn’t like it and she knows that she should get to know a person before deciding what to think of that person. But she said she is not sure when she meets a person and she doesn’t feel good about that person from the beginning, if that is her intuition and her gut feeling telling her that she should be careful or if she mistrusts someone because he subconsciously reminds her of somebody else. So she asked me how she could know this.

I replied her that when this kind of feeling comes, there is always a reason. Maybe there was a bad experience and something that you see or smell or feel triggers this memory. And what we call intuition is usually one of these memories. It is an experience which is repeated in another way.

Of course I would suggest again not to fix the mind on something or have a pre-decided idea. You should be open for a new experience, maybe this will be a wonderful time in your life and if you are not open you will miss it because of your doubts. But also listen to your feelings and see what is behind them. With time you can develop the sensitivity for your feelings and you can become more sure about what you feel.

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2 Replies to “Be open but listen to your Gut Feeling – 28 Jan 09”

  1. I always wonder this too! I can somehow usually tell the difference. But I can’t explain it. Giving someone a chance no matter what is best though, then you get to see more and know for sure.

  2. I feel like it can be hard to distinguish between the mind and the intuition when you have a first impression of someone. Occasionally there is literally a “gut feeling” that accompanies the thought, and then you know your intuition is kicking in. But other times it seems a bit hazy… maybe it’s good to be cautious but also open-minded, as Swami Ji says.