Detach yourself to Learn Controlling your Mind – 16 Feb 10


In a way what I was writing about is also the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita. When our mind is active and it is not concentrated or focused, it is difficult to be in peace. It is all the time here and there.

The Gita also says that you need to control the mind. And for controlling the mind you need detachment. What is detachment? It means not to be attached with material. That is why I ask why these all Swamis and Gurus who even give lectures from the Gita are so much attached to material. If you see their lifestyle, you can see how it is reflecting. I think I don’t need to explain in which way, everybody knows this.

Now a good question that everybody can ask himself: are you attached to material? The immediate answer of many people will be ‘No!’ but we want to go a bit deeper than just this. Maybe you believe that you are not attached to material because you don’t have much anyway but let me tell you, this is not the definition of being detached.

If you really have a lot and lose everything, you will feel if you are attached or not. And also if you don’t have much and lose the rest, then, too, you will feel your attachment to the things that you lost. It may be very difficult not to be attached to anything. Try to be attached to as little as possible, leave old things, throw them out and give them to someone who needs them more than you.

2 Replies to “Detach yourself to Learn Controlling your Mind – 16 Feb 10”

  1. This is a good point… detachment is not defined by the amount of material you have, but by your feelings and need for them. If you have lots of things, but can give them freely without holding on emotionally, then it seems you are fairly detached. But if you have very little and hold on to it for dear life, then you are very attached…hence not detached!