Complicated Lectures on Easy Topics and High Philosophy in Easy Words – 2 Feb 09


In my seminars, workshops and when I normally talk with people I like to talk very simple. I like to give easy techniques and methods although many topics are very high. In talking I go deeply into subjects like the Vedas and messages of scriptures but I want to put it in an easy language and give easy examples so that everybody can implement the message into their lives.

Maybe this is not complicated enough for some people. There are people who are very impressed when you make your talk complicated. Many intellectual people might like exactly that. When you make it easy, they say it is too simple. And if it gets complicated and they understand it they feel they made something great. There are two kinds of people: those who make a small problem very big. They talk for half an hour for something which could be said in one minute. And then there are people who make things that are difficult more easy. They manage it in a simple way. I have seen many speakers who make small things very complicated. They make a big theory out of something that everyone could easily understand. It does not show intelligence if you make an easy topic difficult to understand but if you can present a difficult topic in easy words.

Other people like to talk about very complicated things although they themselves do not really know what they are talking about. One time a friend told me that he was at a lecture and I asked him how it was. He said ‘Oh, it was a very high topic, very intellectual. And the lecturer could really say a lot about it. It was very interesting.’ And I asked him what it will give him for his life and about what it really was. He looked at me for a moment, started smiling and said ‘Oh, I did not really understand it.’ These high lectures are mostly great and impressive in the time you are listening but when you later try to get a conclusion out of it you do not reach anywhere.

I like to do the opposite in my lectures. I like to make the message understandable so that people can do something with it. I want them to have a benefit from what I am talking. And I am always happy when someone tells me that what I told in my lecture helped them on their spiritual way or with anything in their lives.

Today we left Erkelenz by train. Monday is normally our travelling day, we leave a town and start the week’s program in another town. Sonja drove us to the train station where we said goodbye. And some hours later we were welcomed by Regina at the train station in Hamburg. There we also met Yashendu again who was in Schwabmünchen until now to do physiotherapy. He is fully fit again so he joined us for the last two weeks of our program in Germany before we fly back to India.

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  1. People appreciate this I think. They come to a session to learn, not to be baffled by complicated vocabulary. If the purpose is communication, you will speak in a way ion which everyone can understand.

  2. Some people are so snobby! But I guess I understand why: they have prob spent thousands of dollars getting an education. If everything was assessable they may feel like they have wasted their money and much of their lives.

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