Self-Reflection is good – but too much of it isn’t! – 24 Sep 16

I have started writing a little bit about self-reflection yesterday. I explained how great it is to look back and marvel about your development. Today I would like to go a bit further into the question as to how far you should actually go with your self-reflection – because I know a lot of people who go much too far!

How can you go too far with self-reflection, you ask? Well, it all starts with a little judgement. We all think about our past from time to time. That is nothing bad, as I said yesterday, however there are some people with the tendency to self-criticism who look at the past and start judging each of their decisions, regretting several or complaining about the outcome. One thought of the past turns into a whole series of negative thoughts and even complaints.

This will not actually bring you any further. It won’t help you on your way and you really won’t be any happier from this! In fact, it will only put you down because you won’t start thinking about what you can do now but only lament about the past!

Putting yourself down is actually one of the best ways to get into depression and waste time for at least several hours, if not much more if it becomes a habit!

Think about how you can be more positive. Consider your actions with others and right away implement any changes that you think you should do – so that you have a positive effect in the presence. This will help you get something positive out of your self-reflection instead of bringing yourself down!

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