Keeping the mind open for the other – how my Wife and I influence each other – 19 Mar 15


Yesterday I wrote about the dangers of giving others access to your mind. Letting others close enough for them to influence your mind and your world is of course just natural and also necessary for a fulfilled life. Although there are dangers if the wrong people influence you, there is also the possibility of the most beautiful exchange of influence: in love, with your partner, spouse, loved one.

When you are in love and in a relationship, you open your everything to the other one. That's at least what you should do to have an honest and healthy bond of love. The other one needs to be able to know you, to understand your way of thinking, to see your world and to get to know every bit of it. What you are imagining, what your motivation is and why you are reacting the way you do. Only like this, you will have this deep connection.

It is a process that takes a while and that doesn't only reveal the other one to you but you to the other as well. You will find good and bad in the mind of the other and cannot be afraid to show your own dark spots as well. It is a journey that you take together – and you cannot avoid getting influenced and influencing at the same time!

Ideally, you take the good of each other, understand your own weakness and accept it. You can learn from the other one and implement what you find in your own life as well! Finally, you embark on a further journey of development together!

I can tell you from experience that it is the most beautiful, exciting and wonderful trip you can ever make!

Ramona and I have spent eight years together on this path and we cannot count the many ways that we have influenced each other! Coming from two different cultures, speaking at first in a language that is not my mother tongue nor hers, then learning each other’s mother tongues, getting to know the other one deep inside and just being there, changing with each other and with everything that comes to us from the outside. We grew together. A lot.

It is difficult for me to explain how exactly Ramona influenced my mind but she did very much. I was able to open myself to my partner and she to me. There are no layers anymore in between us. And that is why we are proud of our relationship.

Of course we remember that especially on days that are special for us – like today, Ramona’s birthday. Eight years ago, I sent her birthday wishes for the first time. Looking back, we can see just how much we have already changed together with each other. And I am looking forward to a lot of changes in the coming years and decades!

Happy Birthday Ramona!

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