Meditation for Stress Management – 20 May 09


Last week one person who is working in a bank came for a healing session. His problem is that when he comes home in the evening he has difficulties to relax. He loves his family and wants to give them much love but because of this hectic and stressful life he often feels that his mind is more in his job even while he is at home. He feels aggressive sometimes and he is living in much pressure.

I said to him that he needed to learn how to switch off his mind. When you come home you should not bring business into the family. Meditation is the best practice for this. And this problem is not only his problem, I had another client on the same day, who said the same thing. And he told that all his colleagues have the same problem.

We were talking about this and I told him that I also give this kind of stress-relief and stress management seminars. These seminars are for businesses and corporate people and maybe sometime he will join it. Because in this way you cannot give your family what they deserve and what you want to give them. This is a very common problem and I think meditation is a great technique to help.

2 Replies to “Meditation for Stress Management – 20 May 09”

  1. I have experienced before that when I try to empty my mind it gets filled with a dread that I am missing something and that I should be doing something, even during vacations that I’ve prepared for and finished all my work for. the mind gets so tightly wound that it is hard to feel ok with allowing the cogs to stop turning for a little bit.

  2. Meditation could certainly help people clear their minds when they are stressed. But sometimes they may need someone to talk to about their issues at work and feelings they need to release. People often bring their work issues home because they seek relief in talking to their spouse about their stressful day. Though it’s not good to bring the stress of work home, there should be a place and time where everyone can share their feelings and thoughts with someone…It would be nice.