Darshan – Group Meditation in Kaunas – 16 Jul 08


Today we went to Kaunas for a Darshan. This time it was a really nice place, a yoga centre. We had the Darshan in the garden and it was very peaceful although a lot of people were there. It is always nice to have Darshan in the nature and it makes the atmosphere really special. It helps you so much in the meditation when you are outside and hear the birds chirping. I think all people could also feel the great energy that the surrounding alone creates already. There were flowers in the garden, a small pond and apple trees with nicely ripe apples. A few people were under the trees and a one man was sitting there with crossed legs, the hands lying relaxed in his lap when suddenly an apple fell from the tree and, so smoothly as if someone had planned it, it landed right in his hands.

These are the last days in Lithuania and everything seems to be overbooked and busy. Oksana said that tomorrow there might not even be enough time for cooking because I am busy in healing sessions and Yashendu in astrological readings. So we might have to eat out again between the healing sessions and the Darshan tomorrow.

Darshan, Meditation

2 Replies to “Darshan – Group Meditation in Kaunas – 16 Jul 08”

  1. it is amazing the feeling you get when being in places created especially for pursuits of peace and balance. If only we could go around and spread that feeling to all places.