Meditation - Complete Awareness of what you are doing - 9 Apr 08

Today was the first Darshan of the 'Europe-Tour' in Sabine's house. She is a lovely person and there was a very nice atmosphere in this Darshan, this group meditation. I explained today what meditation is for me.

Many people may have an idea about how a meditation should be. They should sit down with crossed legs, close their eyes, breathe in a certain way and so on. But I do not want to have rules like this when meditating.

The Sanskrit word for meditation is 'dhyan'. This word does not only mean meditation but is also used in the sense of awareness. If you do anything with dhyan, you are fully aware of what you are doing. And this can be while walking in the forest, while reading, while working on computer or while playing with children. Anything can be meditation if you are there with your full awareness. It is not meditation when you are walking in the forest and at the same time thinking of your work. Then you are not concentrating on what you are doing at that moment. In this way I feel that meditation can be in so many ways and you do not need any rule for that.

I always say in Darshan that everybody should please sit down however they feel good. You cannot listen to your heart if your knee is hurting because you are not sitting comfortably. In this meditation everybody should start accepting himself and expressing himself and this starts with sitting the way you want or lying down because you feel like it. I say I can only tell you what meditation is, you have to decide yourselves in which way it feels good for you. This creates a wonderful energy.

Thomas also played music on the Sitar and contributed in a great way to this pleasant atmosphere in which many could just relax and accept their feelings. I am very happy about this evening.

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  1. Macky

    I don’t know much about or practice formal meditation because for me the concept of “ritual” is very distracting. I have many friends who are not distracted by this. But when I think of formal meditation I think of “doing something spiritual” or “setting aside time to be healthy.” I notice that this does not help me. Instead I take concious breaths, I notice the aliveness in my body and I create inner space in myself when I am alone working, when I am washing the dishes, when a friend is speaking to me about their joys or pains. Meditation is not separate from any part of me. The more often I practice awareness the more I understand the profound value of some of the methods of formal meditation. Perhaps I will try it in the near future.

  2. Lynsay Bush

    Many people that meditate would like very much to enjoy this process and to absorb all the wonderful things they can from it; a simple and beautiful wish for themselves. The ego in them also loves to use concepts like spirituality or mindfulness or meditation to built itself up; to make itself separate or special or spiritual or something. It is okay if this happens. Just observe it. Observing this very closely is a form of meditation.

  3. Gorgie

    this is hard for me, I have reached states of awareness but they last only seconds and then it is awhile before I experience them again.

  4. James Farly

    I feel the same way. I had back surgery back in April and I just can’t think about anything except the pain I’m feeling in my lower back while trying to meditate in a “proper” position. So I’ve had to position myself differently. and I do still meditate.

  5. Emily

    Similar to what Swami is saying, I feel that being present in the moment is a form of meditation. You absorb yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of the moment without letting your mind wander to other things– no matter what situation you’re in! On the reverse, a “formal” meditation involving sitting, breathing, and clearing the mind can help train you to stay present in every moment! They go hand in hand and are one in the same.

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