Anxiety, Depression or Burnout? – Meditation Guide by an Atheist and former Guru – 15 Oct 15


A lot of people nowadays have problems with depression, panic attacks and anxiety, they suffer from burnout after a huge amount of stress they have to bear in their daily life. I have met a lot of them, I have spent time with many, I have talked with and counselled them. I have meditated with them and today I would like to write a little guide for those who are in this situation. You may think of today’s blog entry that it is bordering on being esoteric and going against what I usually write here. I also know that I have once written meditation doesn’t need guidance – but I know that this has actively helped a lot of people! It may help someone to read this today.

Here are a few lines for you if you ever feel like the world is crushing down on you. If you feel like you are alone. If you feel like nothing can ever be good again.

First of all, calm down. Let’s relax the body first – the mind will follow. Sit on a good chair or comfortably on the floor, your back to a wall and breathe. Close your eyes if you feel alright with it, otherwise concentrate on any small item close to you. A button, a flower or a pattern on a curtain for example. Concentrate on your breathing and count. Three slow counts in, five slow counts out. Let your heartbeat slow down.

Now we’ll relax every muscle, one after the other. Start with your toes. Think of the muscle strings that lead until your toes. Move on to your feet, ankles, up the legs, taking your time. Feel each limb consciously. If you are in pain at any point, register it but don’t stick there with your thoughts. Move up to your hip and further up, through your belly and back until the shoulders. Relax the muscles there, through the complete neck, into the arms and down until your fingers. Again, bring awareness to each single finger – and feel how tension leaves your body.

Once you have reached this point, you are already quite far and will notice that your mind is much calmer already. Now simply realize a few things by consciously bringing them to your awareness:

Whatever happens, life will go on. You are breathing, you are alive.

You are not alone. No matter how many of your friends or relatives have let you down, there are people on this world who can help you. And there are people who care about you as well!

You are strong. You have come until this point and you will make it further.

There is a light in the darkness that you see around you. Once you feel strong enough, stand up and reach for it. Do you still feel alone? Call someone who can help you – a friend, relative, a therapist or even a hotline! If you need help, don’t hesitate to get it!

Most of all, don’t look back and don’t feel guilty or ashamed. It’s alright to have such moments or periods of time. We will grow with them. We will come out even stronger than before!

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