You are currently viewing Meditation is not a Mystery – but you cannot sell what is available to all! – 13 Nov 13

Meditation is not a Mystery – but you cannot sell what is available to all! – 13 Nov 13

I have the feeling I may have confused a few people with yesterday’s and day before yesterday’s blog posts. You may have got the impression that I have first left my life as a guru, then I left religion, lost my faith in God and now I am starting to write against meditation! Let me tell you that this is absolutely not the case! I am against the way in which meditation is propagated these days, presenting it as a practice for the elite of spiritual people, but I love meditation and will always suggest everyone to meditate – I may however have a completely different definition of meditation for myself! I have written quite a few blogs about the question what meditation is for me. Today one more will follow.

First of all, I will try to give you a one-line definition: Meditation, or ‘dhyan; in Hindi and Sanskrit, is when you are completely in presence, 100% aware of what you are doing.

I never say that the goal of meditation is thoughtlessness. I believe that you don’t even need any special position, breathing technique or anything else for doing meditation. You can meditate while you are working, talking, painting, playing or even – or maybe most importantly – while having sex! You just need to be there in that very moment, not in the future and not in the past. Just there – that is meditation for me.

The main point here is that literally everybody can do it! You don’t need to be special! It is possible for everyone and at any time. Meditation doesn’t require years of practice nor do you need to have any artistic talent for it! It is not complicated and you don’t need to be able to pull a lorry with your teeth or bend a rod with your bare hands! You, yes you can do it!

Now would it feel better if you could and your neighbour couldn’t? Would it be more interesting if there was a secret or mystery behind it? This is the idea that gurus and businessmen love and earn their money with! They want to make you feel not only special but better than anybody in your surrounding – so they present meditation as something complicated!

This attitude seems rather a way to boost your ego than to reduce it! So in the fifteen minutes per day that you meditate, you are in a higher consciousness? So you first have to get there and then you can only reach there when you sit in the right position and with the right atmosphere, limiting it to maximum one hour a day? Where is your consciousness in the remaining 23 hours of the day – down on the boring, un-elevated ground level like the rest of us? So you feel special within yourself during this short time, feeling in peace and one with the world – but why can’t you be in this state of happiness at all times?

Yes, you should be able to do your job, play, read, work and do everything in a 24-hour day while being in meditation. You should live in constant bliss without sitting at one spot and thinking nothing!

Of course, no guru would like to tell you this biggest secret, it would ruin the admiration that they get as well as their business but the truth is: YOU can do it. Just by being aware!

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    That’s how I’ve always thought of meditation. There’s nothing mystical or otherworldly about it. It’s simply paying full attention to whatever one is doing.

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