Arranged Marriage – Parents Consider Astrology but not Opinions of their Children – 30 Oct 09


In the last days I was talking about marriage in India, about how the parents and the family usually pick a future husband or a future wife. I already told about the castes and sub-castes which have to match and of course the financial situation plays a role for most people, too.

And then there is another question which will come up in the process: do their horoscopes match? Will they have a good future or can you see problems in their stars? I believe that nobody can predict the future and especially not if two people are concerned who never even saw each other. Who knows what influence they will have on each other, what they will feel for each other and what will happen in their life?

The main problem in this is of course, that none of the two has much of a choice. Some parents ask their children for their opinion and some also respect that opinion but not every family. There are still many conservative families whose children see their spouses for the first time on the wedding day during the ceremony.

We also know several cases in which siblings married siblings. A boy and a girl married and after some time the parents saw that they are a good match so they marry the boy’s brother with the girl’s sister. It is easy, they don’t need to search for another girl or boy and the family stays closer together.

I sometimes wonder very much about how different societies developed different traditions and customs which nowadays seem very old-fashioned, unnecessary, not to say stupid, but they are still alive.

4 Replies to “Arranged Marriage – Parents Consider Astrology but not Opinions of their Children – 30 Oct 09”

  1. Why isn’t the choice of the child always valued? What custom does that stem from? It is not limited to arranged marriage I can only guess. And various traditions that might harm a group of people or a person are interwoven with a thousand other traditions. Thanks for this information and your thoughts about them.

  2. In a way, considering the astrological combination of the two people might be beneficial… at least there’s more of a chance that the two will get along and match well. But it certainly isn’t fool-proof. Perhaps the tradition of arranged marriages has taught the Indian people discipline and acceptance– they learn how to make the best of their situation and never give up.

  3. A perfect marriage is possible, when the horoscopes of the man and the woman are properly matched. Traditional Indian practices of horoscope comparison were based on science and not on hypothesis.
    Most of the time, conjugal incompatibility is the oft repeated reason for broken down marriages and divorce. It is not easy for the average human being to check all compatibilities for marriage matching.

    An accurate birth chart is essential for a compatibility check to provide correct results. So, even though the astrologer may be an adept in his profession, if the birth chart is not accurate, which will not be if the Panchang/Astrological almanac is correct, the predictions will be incorrect.

    The solution lies in the correct calculation of the Panchang, for the place and date. Then the predictions will be accurate, it is said that even day to day happenings could be predicted.

    But, finally, it might all trickle down to the Karma of the people concerned, as they say, we get what we deserve.