Fortune Telling on TV – 9 Dec 09


I am happy to write about these topics like ghosts and more. Of course, everybody who meets me after hearing only what we do has some expectations and many people simply assume that I believe in whatever they believe in.

However this is sometimes very far from what I believe because nowadays things like card reading, clairvoyance, other ways of fortune telling and generally a lot of ‘spiritual business’ is getting more and more popular in the west.

Unfortunately I see there and also here in India how this is supported even by the media. There are programs in which this kind of belief is taken advantage of. Someone is sitting in front of the camera, dressed like a good old-fashioned witch how you can read about in fairy-tales and in front of her a crystal ball, a set of cards, stones with runes or a chart with different colours and signs. At the bottom of the screen you see a number scrolling from right to left inviting you to dial for getting to know more about your future.

Suddenly a ringing tone sounds and the lady asks with a soft and somehow mysterious voice what the caller’s question is. No matter what the question is, there will be an answer, advice, a prediction and finally a warning of the future before the next caller is served.

I think media should become more responsible to reduce this kind of belief instead of making people more confused. The person who decides to run this show, does he really believe in it or does he only want to make money?

The media should make aware and educate people. I would like to ask everybody who watches or even calls at this kind of programs: what do you think how this works? Did you have to answer questions before you could talk with the fortune teller? Don’t you think that this could be the reason for the precise answers? Or think about the answers: couldn’t anybody make a vague guess towards the future after your question? Why would that woman be able to take a decision for you?

It is sad to see but it is easy to cheat people. I always tell people to listen inside themselves, to find out what their wish really is and to follow the heart. Please trust on yourself and believe me when I say that only God knows what the future will be.

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  1. people are searching and they are lost with all so many changes , sad to say this is our world but also is a learning propcess at the surface of there awareness yes spiritual take out is part of the fast food tread and so be it for those who which to take advantage of this but also there is light and awareness in the essence of being such as yourself and others shining there light and this brings a smile to this experience so be it

  2. While these TV programs are certainly trying to make a profit by scamming eager customers, I think there is great value in reading your own oracle cards.
    These days, spiritual companies produce oracle cards along with a guide book that describes the possible insights for each card. They don’t necessarily predict your future, but they remind you to look at things from a certain perspective, or to let go of things that no longer serve you.
    For example, the cards might say “Create positive affirmations each day,” or “Help from Heaven is on the way.” It is up to each person to interpret what that means in his/her own life… which can’t be false if you listen from deep within! I think its more valuable to do your own readings because it is a chance for the voice of your soul to come through. But the cards can be very helpful to strike up certain topics that you are unaware of at the moment. And its fun!

  3. This kind of thing is so crazy and annoys me so much. In Britain there is an advert telling you to text your name and your boyfriends name and they will tell you if it will last! In the advert the text comes back to the girl saying no so she throws her drink over the poor boy and walks off. What a fool! Only idiots use these stupid services.

  4. In general, I don’t believe in fortune telling. What could work, is a face-to-face-situation, when someone reads your face and tries to interprete your feelings. But this is also very imprecise. These TV-shows are only there for cheating people and taking advantages of their suffering and their confusedness.

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