Love Spells cannot Work – Love is not Sellable or Forcable – 17 Aug 08

Today in the morning I talked with Thomas’ mother on phone and wished her a happy birthday. She also sponsored today’s food in the Ashram and the children also send her the biggest birthday wishes.

As I said yesterday already, Roger and Mady came to pick us up in Wiesbaden and bring us to Luxembourg. So now I am writing the diary from their house. Today I got a mail in which someone asked me for a love spell. He wrote that he would give me a donation of an amount which I could decide upon. He wants to be with a girl whom he loves but who doesn’t love him back. He said he would pay as much as I wanted. Just send him a bill.

I replied sorry, I don’t do this. I do not believe in love spells. You also cannot buy someone’s love, it is not sellable. You have to be honest. If you really and truly love somebody, why are you eager to have that person? True love is not about owning. Why do you want to possess? I sent him a reply and said him: “Please don’t try to force love. You cannot get love even by begging. You cannot buy love. You can only get love, when you give love.”

If he wants to love her, why would he pay to own her? If you want to get a relationship with someone by a love spell it means that you would be fine if this person did not come to you on her or his own free will. You would agree to get someone who doesn’t want you. You want to manipulate that person only to satisfy your wish to possess. No, true love does not work like this. That is why I don’t believe in love spells.

You can also find people on Internet who sell this kind of spells and rituals. Once we also got a newsletter from a person who explained at what time you needed to do your ritual in order to be successful in seducing the person of your desire. I want to say we should spread our love without ego. Everyone who sells this and promises you will get your partner with their products or services, supports this ego. Love from your deep and honest heart and you will see how love will come to you!

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3 Replies to “Love Spells cannot Work – Love is not Sellable or Forcable – 17 Aug 08”

  1. Whoa I didn’t know love spells really existed. I think determination can help love, sometimes, maybe that is why people think they work- cuz they get determined.

  2. Love is something that happens naturally. You can’t force yourself to love everybody in the same way. And also you can not expect, that everyone is able to love you. Of course, we can have a foundation of love for everyone, what simply means that we should always be friendly to our fellow men. And also love doesn’t have only one face. You don’t love your mother in the same way you love your friend or partner. And that’s totally ok 😉

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