Unbelievable Belief in Black Magic Rituals – 15 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

Today a man was here for a healing session who told me a long story of many things that happened wrong with him. He was very afraid and full of fear because he believes that everything bad that is happening to him is because of black magic. He knows someone of whom he believes that he does black magic. This man comes from an African religion of which he said the name and which I did not know. He thinks that this man did some spells and other things which made the last two years of his life the worst years of his life.

I gave him healing and before he left I told him not to think in this way. Do not believe this, nobody can harm you in this way. It is your thinking that makes this magic become real. And if this happened in a small village in Africa or also in India, I wouldn’t be surprised that people believe in this but you are from New York! You are educated, you have learned about how this world works, how weather works, how animals live, how human developed in his history! Why do you believe that someone can harm you by burning a certain herb at a certain time of the night with a certain kind of ritual?

And in the same way I wonder how people can believe that someone can materialize gold? Why would he need your money then? There are many people in India who don’t know anything about other parts of their own country, let alone other countries or the outer space. You learn in school how long it takes for light to travel from the sun to us and how much power it takes for a rocket to go to the moon. But still you believe that any man has the power to make gold out of nothing or harm you with his black magic. I believe only in one magic: the magic of love!

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5 Replies to “Unbelievable Belief in Black Magic Rituals – 15 Sep 09”

  1. Sometimes it doesn’t matter which level of education you have completed. Pain and suffering or a turning point in life can make you believe everything if you don’t take care about your mental constitution. Thus I understand how this guy from New York believed in black magic, maybe there was just this one moment in his life when he was distressed and suddenly black magic existed!?