In Love is no Attachment – 30 Apr 08


I will continue with my lecture:
I may have told you already about one spiritual man, a gyan yogi. He was wonderful man, a really great, great, wise man. Unfortunately he had cancer and was very ill. In 1989, I was 18 years old, it got very bad and many doctors said that his last time had come. So I and many others went to see him. He was lying on a bed and we, doctors and many disciples were around him. Somebody asked him: "Are you feeling much pain?" And he answered with a Mantra from the Vedanta: "Chidanand Rupah Shivoham Shivoham. Oh yes, I have pain in the body," and he smiled and seemed to be shining. "But I am not the body!" There was light on his face, he was not suffering from the pain which was in his body. If I have pain in the hand, my hand has pain, not me. I am not the hand. What is self-realization? When you realize that you are not the body. Then you do not feel pain. This man had so much pain and he was smiling. He proved that pain comes from attachment to the body.

If you are not attached, if you are in love then there is no pain. If I am attached with for example this alarm clock here and if I lose it I will be very sad. I will feel pain because I lost it. If I love it I will not feel pain. Okay, I lost it but maybe somebody else found it and I can be happy for that.

The philosophy of love is a great philosophy. Maybe you know the Gopis and Krishna. There was a big love in between them and the Gopis said to Krishna: "We love you but if you are happy somewhere else it is okay. We do not need physical contact to love you. We love you, we are not attached to you. Go where you are needed, we love you always and wherever you are." I don't want to bind you but love you freely.

You see, the line between love and attachment is very thin. Sometimes attachment might seem like love and whatever we claim, most of the times, if you see it from a yogi's point of view, it is not love but attachment.

We had a chakra dance party tonight. In Germany it is an old tradition to dance into the May and we did it today in a special way with the dance party. Many friends were here and everybody enjoyed it very much.

5 Replies to “In Love is no Attachment – 30 Apr 08”

  1. it is a hard balance to keep, because when there is love you often enjoy being with a person. It is hard to enjoy someone that much and then not want to be near them. But I am just beginning to understand love.

  2. It is sad for me to read so much about love and attachment. Becoming a good lover (not sexual, just being a person who loves others powerfully) is important to me. Just seems like my love is so impure and I have so far to go.