Difference in Liking and Loving – 28 Dec 08


My friend also asked a question about different qualities of love. He said that he loves some people, likes others and also dislikes some. I do not see this as different qualities of love. I see it as different levels of liking, of taste. For me love is God and I cannot think of God in different quality: this is more God and this is less.

Of course taste is very different, everybody knows that. Some people like potatoes and others like more eggplants. In a general conversation you can of course say ‘I love potatoes’ but actually I would like to keep it in the category of liking. And if you like potatoes and I don’t, I would not judge or have an argument about it. Everybody has his taste. And this could also be for beauty, for places or for people. Maybe you like a certain quality in someone or you dislike if a person has a certain nature. Maybe I would not like a certain quality but I can still let my love flow for a person with that quality.

This question actually comes from it that you do not make a difference between love and liking. But there is a difference. And when you can make this difference clearly then you will find in your heart and in your soul an unlimited source of unconditional love and of course you can achieve this consciousness which makes it possible to let your love flow unconditionally for this universe.

Yesterday I wrote about terrorists and about people who are of bad destructive nature. Of course I do not like them but God is in my heart in form of unconditional love and the love flows to them, too, and I pray for them that they, too, can find this love someday. I also pray for everybody and for this universe that everyone finds this treasure of love in their soul. As I said before real love is unconditional and doesn’t depend on qualities. But like and dislike can depend on qualities.

Everybody knows that I like chocolate and for Christmas Melly gave us a great gift: a chocolate fountain which we tested today for the first time. It was a lot of fun.

God, Love

2 Replies to “Difference in Liking and Loving – 28 Dec 08”

  1. it’s interesting that you say it that way. I have often said of people, “Oh I love them but I don’t really like them.”Maybe it isn’t possible? Still thinking about it.

  2. This is an important point… Even if you don’t like certain qualities about a person, don’t let it stop your love from flowing to them. That is deep and wise. If we can love those that we don’t really have taste for, then we will be free, full of love, and won’t harbor negative feelings.