Spiritually Confused People – 4 Sep 09

New York
United States of America

Today after dinner we had a nice conversation with Jeremy about belief, religion and some people’s need to convince others of what they themselves believe in. I don’t tell anybody what I say is right. You can believe what is right for you.

I know many people are spiritually confused. They read thousands of books and mix all theories together. And when they meet another person they are trying to tell this person what they read and claim that it is right and only that is right. Often people are narrow-minded in this way. Why are you not open to accept that somebody else has another belief? You are actually not sure about your own belief but afraid that you could be wrong.

If you meet someone who is convinced of what he or she believes and who is stable in that, this person will not have the need to convince you. She knows what she believes is right for her and if you tell her that you believe in something else, that is okay for her, too. People who are not sure about their own belief are those who want to argue about it. And they keep on looking and searching and reading many books and going to many different workshops and seminars.

Why do we need all these complicated philosophies? We just need to learn four letters: LOVE. It is that simple. Everybody will agree that you need love in your life. Live in love, believe in love and share love.

6 Replies to “Spiritually Confused People – 4 Sep 09”

  1. Haha this is true. I think if someone feels the need to argue and explain their belief system in search for approval and agreement…you can almost be sure that they don’t really believe! They are still confused and looking for popular opinion and agreement. Someone who is confident in what they believe only shares it with someone who asks.

  2. Many people are looking for a cure while reading different texts and holy books. Can we really find our inner vision and our inner peace in all these books? Of course people are confused, when they even do not know what they actually want. Just imagine you would say to a taxi driver: to the left, no, to the right, no backwards. How can he know where to drive, when you don’t know your destination?