Differences in Love to Different People? – 24 Dec 08


Today we celebrated Andrea’s birthday, it is Christmas evening and on the 24th December 2000 I came out of the cave. I spoke with my family in India and they are also celebrating there. We had a nice birthday breakfast with friends and tonight we will have presents under the Christmas tree.

Yesterday I received a mail from a friend with some questions. I thought it could be interesting for many others, too, so I decided to write his questions in the diary without disclosing his name. These questions are very nice and I would love to give an answer now but it will need a bit more time and extra attention so I think I will write about that tomorrow, today I just write down his questions.

He asked me if the love for another person comes automatically and spontaneously or if one can decide to love someone. When he met his wife he immediately felt love for her and did not decide with his will to love her. And it was similar when he met me. So are feelings a decision? And is there a difference in the quality of love? There are people whom he loves, others he only likes and others who do not touch his feelings at all. And there are people whom he doesn’t like and those for whom he feels strong dislike. So there is not the same love for everyone and as I wrote in my diary that I love everyone with unconditional love my friend says that for him and many others it is difficult to love everyone in the same way. He wants to go on to pray that he reaches the goal of unconditional love. I will talk more about this and give some answers tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone who sent Christmas wishes and we wish a peaceful Christmas time to all of you!

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  1. I think it is easy to love someone instantly, but often staying loving that person is a decision. Being loving is important, loving everyone the same way… I don’t know if it is possible to love anyone in the same way. it is possible to love lots, but i think each instance of love takes on a different form.