Feedback for Yesterday’s Diary about Love – 24 Apr 09


I have received emails in reaction to yesterday’s diary and I want to thank you for your words. I would like to put one email here:

‘I was just reading Swami Ji's Diary entry for today, 23/04/09, and he's right. I feel the same way, in our present society people are so unreliable and unwilling to love, this compromises our peacefulness. I just want to live my life in love but every time I'm disappointed or hurt its gets even harder to maintain my loving attitude.

It is difficult Swami Ji but as you say with everything else, it’s in the power of the mind. No-one's negative attitude should have the power to affect the choice I've made to be loving and peaceful. Thank you Swami Ji. I'm so grateful I've come across your website and I love you and pray you will keep just as you are, a continuous inspiration.

I don't have any children but I love them so much. You're a good man to do what you're doing. If it's what I think you must get a satisfaction from your good deeds and you don't do it to get satisfaction, if you can understand what I mean. I appreciate that there are people like you all and I pray that you'll continue. Love really is the way.

When I tell people that I have a love for everyone they're skeptical but do you believe that's truly how I feel? I just wish it was easy for everyone to accept love and spread it. Why is that so hard when it’s one of the most wonderful feelings in the world and love would eradicate any problem we face in the world today?’

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  1. Dear email writer:I feel your pain with being open to love. it is hard to realize over and over again how unwilling people or to love, but they aren’t just unwillling- they are unaware of how to love or that they should. It is not one of the basic things we are taught but it is one of the essential things we need.
    Keep loving!

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