Help others, older People and Neighbours – 21 Aug 08


So Roger and Mady dropped us again in Wiesbaden. The goodbye was with tears in the eyes but this is the travelling life. You have to say goodbye often. Physical distance is there and you want to be physically close to those whom you love. But if you have closeness from the heart you feel the other one with you even if he is miles away. Now we are with Thomas and Iris which is also wonderful. I am very happy to have so many great people who open their hearts and homes for me.

We were sitting in Thomas’ and Iris’ living room when the door bell rang and one of their neighbours stood in front of the door. He is an old man from America, 83 years old. He gave a sheet of paper to Thomas who promised to fax it for him. Iris told us that he regularly comes with some things that they fax for him because he doesn’t know how it works or they translate something for him which he doesn’t understand.

Thomas and Iris are very good neighbours. It is really nice how they help this man and when I said this to Iris, she said yes, we also don’t know if we understand the technique that will be in 50 years. Maybe we will also need someone to help us with that. And this is what I also say often: Treat others in the way that you expect them to treat you.

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  1. it is really good to hear of people helping each other. I often wonder too what kind of invention will I have trouble using when I’m eighty.Hard to imagine what there will be.

  2. I love being close to the people I love. It doesn’t make sense to me when people are far, my mind does not process it well. Distance has always signified a great amount of confusion for me.

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