Love makes me the happiest Man on Earth – 27 Oct 14


In the morning, I wake up next to my wife. I put my arm around her, hugging the woman I love while she is still asleep. I cherish this moment and imagine her to feel the embrace in her dream.

Slowly she stirs and with her the little angel whom I am proud to be calling my daughter. Even half asleep, Apra is jealous enough to crawl over her mother and lie in between us, one hand on Ramona, one hand on me. A few moments we just lie like this, an embrace of three, feeling the love expressed through touch, contact of the most beautiful kind.

Apra turns, wriggles, stretches and slowly wakes up. She looks left, then right, meeting our eyes and then smiles. A smile I will forever have saved in my memory!

Her look, her smile, her touch and her embrace. When she runs toward you, her arms outstretched for you to catch her. When she calls out for you to play with her or walk next to her, to listen to her stories and to hold her in your arms when she is tired.

That is when I feel this great love, the unconditional love of a child. Without any reason and without limits. Just because I am.

And next to her my wife and in her eyes I see a big love, too. A love of another kind but not any less great. The love of a woman who knows the deepest of me and will love me with everything there is for always and forever.

I let my thoughts wander and they find my parents and grandparents who all love and have loved me without ever objecting to my ways. No matter how far away from their own path they seemed. A love that doesn't have anything to do with what I do or say – a love that is just there and will always be there for me to rely on, think back on and draw strength from.

And the extension of this strength and love I find in my brothers, Purnendu and Yashendu, always by my side. Pillars of again a fully different kind of love. Strong and full of a trust that cannot be broken.

A softer light next to it is the memory of my sister and her love. Eternal and unique forever.

Finally, the love of friends, close or far, around the world, supporting and caring.

Tell me, how could I not feel like the happiest person of the world, waking up with all this love?

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