There is no Opposite to Love – 7 Sep 15


Love is an important topic in my life. It has always been. I actually believe a lot of people should make love more important in their own lives because it would help them. Contrary to common belief among those who do make love a topic – which is mostly people in the spiritual scene – I believe there is no real opposite to love, one which cannot be there if love is there.

Opposites normally cannot exist together with each other, right? A person cannot be tall and small at the same time. Temperature cannot be cold and hot at the same time. Your hair cannot be long and short at the same time. In the same way, people think that hate or even fear are the opposites of love. Several people have told me: ‘where there is love, there cannot be hate’ or ‘if you love, there is no space for fear’. I don’t think these two statements are true.

It is my personal experience that love can coexist with every other feeling possible! Love can exist together with illusion, it can exist with obsession. Love can even exist with dislike, ignorance or indifference.

You may have seen all of these above but you cannot imagine love together with hatred or fear?

Have you really never seen a love-hate relationship? Have you never been in the situation that someone you actually love did something really bad to you? It doesn’t matter for how short that time frame was but when you were angry and hurt, was there not also some hatred as well? And for that moment, do you think your love stopped? How could this happen? No, I think, in that moment you had both inside you.

In the same way, I believe it happens with fear. It can both be there at the same time. You can love but at the same time be afraid of what will happen if you open up too much. Will you get hurt again? Will your precious feeling be taken advantage of? This won’t keep you from loving but you cannot deny that there is fear as well – at the same time!

So it is very simple: as great as I believe love is, there can also be fear or hate along with it. And these, too, are just natural emotions that we can accept as a part of who we are!

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