According to the Karma Theory, Nepal Earthquake Victims don’t deserve Help – 29 Apr 15


I yesterday told you of a commentator who was convinced that god did only good, whatever it was. If it seems bad to you, you just have to realize that it is that person’s karma! It was god’s wish for this misery to happen to him! Even if it was an earthquake like in Nepal. With this line of thought, you will inevitably end up wondering one thing: how do you know you are not doing things against god’s wish when doing anything?

If you think that any bad event that happens to someone is due to his karma, it should happen as it should. No, it is even god’s wish because he is doing good for everyone. Any help that you give such people is thus something that goes against god’s wish!

So why would you actually help someone who is in misery? Why would you hold out a helping hand to someone who was hit by his karma? If you didn’t do that, worse things would probably happen to him. Now that would also be his deserved punishment according to the karma theory, wouldn’t it? And you would prevent this from happening if you helped the person!

How would you know what is god’s wish? Everyone is getting good and bad karma, so even if you help someone, you theoretically are supposed to get good karma. If you are interfering with god’s master plan however, not letting the other person use all his bad karma, you might not be so lucky to get positive karma points! You are getting in god’s way! I am sure you will get negative points for that!

Yes, it is ridiculous to me. Religious people turn their own rules and philosophies in any direction when it is good for them. I once wrote that fake gurus like the great magician Satya Sai Baba, who used to materialize gold for the rich and ashes for the poor, should feed the poor from the gold they materialize. I was told that the poor have this karma, that’s why they are poor. That’s why their guru cannot help them.

So if you can take your theory any way you wish, it is not anymore logical to me. Logically, your god is cruel. Very cruel. Karma doesn’t make that better. And instead of warning me of my own karma – yes, thank you for your care – you should worry whether you are not working against your god’s wish by helping others. Worry whether you are accumulating bad karma by praying for others – because it is against god’s wish!

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