Want to Get to Know a Country? Do not Book 5-Star Hotels – 11 Jul 09


The other day I was talking about culture. Every old culture has its roots very deep and if you really want to understand it, it takes time. You would need to spend lots of time in this culture.

Sometimes it feel very funny for me that people who spent a couple of weeks in India claim that they know Indian culture. And I especially wonder if they spent their holiday in five star hotels. Those hotels are from a big company and are the same in London, New York and Delhi. They often even have the same interior decoration. So what does it matter if you are here or there? If you really want to understand the culture you need to be with and spend time with natives. Spend more close time with them. We say in Hindi you need to smell the sand.

Today was a very normal day and we had again a wonderful dinner. We found out that yesterday’s recipe is for approximately 25 parathas which would be enough for ten people. So if you plan to cook only for yourself, you will need to reduce the amount a bit.

The children at the Ashram had a great food today, too, with fresh Mango-shakes. Jokubas Kraujelis from Luxembourg sponsored their food to celebrate his birthday in this way. Nothing else is coming into my mind now so I keep the diary short today.
Click here to see pictures of the children’s lunch

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  1. I always wonder if it is frustrating for people who live in countries with such big outside tourism interest. Of course people come knowing nothing about India and not planning on learning much, just looking to glean a little bit of excitement from being in an unfamiliar place. But how temporary if they just swim in the hotel pool and then make an occasional trip to the market to buy silk. Seems silly, but I think I understand. It’s just not something I’d probably do.