Indian Hospitality also out of India – 22 Jan 09


Today in the evening we were invited by an Indian man to his small restaurant. When I was in Luxembourg the last time he and his wife came to meet me for healing. He was born and grew up in London and met his wife, who is from Portugal, here in Luxembourg. Since ten years they have been living together in Luxembourg. They cooked a very special dinner with much love because I have a special and strict diet. Roger and Mady were also invited to we went together to Luxembourg city. The man who had invited us was very pleased to have us as guests there.

After a great dinner with wonderful food I told a story from the time when I was in Paris. I was walking along the street with one of my friends and we were very hungry. We were searching for a nice restaurant and by chance found an Indian restaurant. I was very happy and so we entered. The owner of this restaurant saw me and greeted me with much respect. I asked him straight away if we can have some food according to my special requirement without onion, garlic and chilli. He said ‘Sure, please sit down and tell me what you would like to have. We will make it fresh for you.’

He lived upstairs with his family and the restaurant was in the ground floor. He went upstairs and asked his wife to cook this special food for me and soon a wonderful meal was ready. After dinner my friend asked him for the bill to pay. But the owner brought his hands together in front of his chest and said ‘I cannot take money for this food. I feel honoured to have Swami ji here. This is my business but I only want a blessing from you, not money.’ Then he even gave me a donation when he got to know about the Ashram and the children charity projects.

I told this story tonight and told that this is Indian custom. A guest is seen and respected as God and in the Indian culture it is a big honour to have a spiritual guest and to feed him. They look for blessing, not for business. The same kind of experience I have had not only in Paris, also in Germany, in England and in Australia.

3 Replies to “Indian Hospitality also out of India – 22 Jan 09”

  1. It’s great that you find hospitality in so many places aroudn the world. I am guessing that it is because you show hospitality to so many others, how could there be another way to react? it is great.

  2. How lovely to be treated so well. This is a beautiful tradition and long may it continue. Thank you for sharing this lovely story. I hope all is well with both of these restaurants.