Greeting with Namaskar and negative Energies -11 Mar 10


I have been talking a lot already about religious drama and today I read something on the internet which again confirmed my opinion of this. It was an interview or question-answer article about why and in which way to do Namaskar, the usual way of greeting in India. This gesture of putting the hands together for greeting is not only common in greeting each other but also for greeting God in a temple. One of the questions asked caught my attention:

While doing Namaskar, why are men not supposed to cover their head, whereas women are advised to cover their head?

The main concept expressed in that article was that divine energy would come through the head when you greet God in this way. Now why would women cover their head then? I never heard of this, never read of this before. Here is an excerpt from the answer:

The potential to activate the Kundalini is higher in men as compared to women. Hence they are hardly affected by this negative energy. Contrary to this, as women are more vulnerable, they get affected by distressing energies to a greater extent and thus they can experience distress. That is why, when doing Namaskar, women are advised to cover their head with the ends of their sari.

What a great answer! Do I need to say something about this at all? Yes, for those who read this diary entry as a first introduction to who I am and what I believe in. Why on earth would a woman be more vulnerable and please tell me what kind of bad energies would be filtered by a sari? No really, I believe that saying Namaskar is just another way of greeting, another custom. In the west it became normal to shake hands and in some countries to kiss each other on the cheek. And here it is bowing the head down and joining the hands in front of your chest. I am absolutely against making any difference in between men and women in this way. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Greet each other and God with love. That is the only thing that is important.

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  1. Why would greeting God with Namaskar bring about any negative energy anyway? And Kundalini energy protects you from this so-called bad energy? And men have more potential for Kundalini? Hmmm…. I don’t think that makes much sense. Regardless, Namaskar is a lovely greeting and I find it more meaningful than shaking hands. 🙂