We are not Fighting – Hindi is just an Emotional Language! – 9 Nov 09


Yesterday I talked about one difference in between cultures: that children in India don’t feel like moving out from home when they are adult. Another difference is again and again noticed: Hindi is a very emotional language. People who are not used to hearing Hindi and who come to India for the first time are often surprised that Indians seem to shout around and discuss so much.

And it can also happen when people meet me and Yashendu privately while we are travelling out of India or if someone comes here to the Ashram. Many friends already told me that they were standing next to Yashendu and me and got afraid that we might be fighting with each other. They thought we are having an argument. And then suddenly we started laughing and they were fully confused – and of course relieved.

Ramona also told that when she started learning Hindi she sometime had to laugh because suddenly she realized that we are not discussing or fighting. We couldn’t be because she heard the words milk, rice and dinner. We were talking about what we should have for dinner.

Well, Hindi is a language which is spoken with emotions and no matter which emotions it is. And thus it is not a quiet language, it is very vivid and could be a bit louder than what people from the west are used to.

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  1. Haha, I also think often that people are arguing and when I ask I find out they are not. This is valuable information and it reminds me of how different people can be. When you think you understand someone take a second look.