Dying in India surrounded by Family – 23 Jun 09


Yesterday I was asked if there are people in India who accompany others when they are dying. I told him that in India the situation is still a bit different because people still live more in family and when they get old there are their sons and daughters to take care of them. But there are also organizations which provide help and support to those who don’t have anybody. They also take care of the body after death. They arrange everything for the funeral and do all rituals.

I also told that people usually chant and sing Mantras near the person who is close to death. They start and sometimes it can take days or even a week until the soul leaves the body. But they keep on chanting the whole day and night so that this person can hear it consciously or unconsciously. When somebody died, they take the dead body to the funeral place and the whole group is chanting a Mantra on the way. The meaning of this Mantra is ‘The name of God is truth’.

2 Replies to “Dying in India surrounded by Family – 23 Jun 09”

  1. I imagine dying in India is very different form dying anywhere else in the world because of the family and psiritual aspects of it. It sounds less painful somehow.